Green Festival – San Francisco 2013


It has been 3 weeks that the Green Festival took place in San Francisco, but I still want to let you know about it. Did anyone of you go as well? For those who did – how did you like it?

I personally was amazed by its sheer size – more than 350 companies across different industries were there, ranging from Ford Motor Company to Clif Bar. I have seen more and more organic and Fair Trade products in supermarkets, but I have never seen so many in one place. We only went for one day and it was almost too short to visit all the booths and see all the speakers.

Two things stood out for me that day:

  1. All the free food J Yum! There are so many great organic and Fair Trade products out there and you could try them all! In general, I would love to buy more organic products if it wasn’t for the high price. But here at the Festival many companies offered discounts – so if you are into buying organic products and are price-conscious, consider going to the Green Festival 2014!!
  2. The documentary “GMO OMG”. I have heard of GMO (who hasn’t with all the products in supermarkets saying “GMO free”) and I have my thoughts about it. But this film shocked me! Did you know that 85% of all corn grown in the US is genetically modified? Or that Monsanto (one of the largest and most powerful companies selling genetically modified seeds) threatened to sue the states who wanted to introduce labelling for food containing GMO? If you are interested in this topic, I really recommend you to watch this film. It will change your thinking (and, probably your shopping behavior)!
    Watch the official trailer here: GMO OMG Official Trailer

If anyone of you went to this festival, either in San Francisco or elsewhere, I would love to hear about how and what you liked J

Have a great day,



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