Ford Motor Company

Hi everyone!

This category is dedicated companies who are putting a lot of effort into making their business greener, who are already best practices in their respective industries with regard to being fair and sustainable. But my goal is to also point out those companies who are greenwashing, thus only pretending to be green in order to get customers.

A company close to my heart is Ford Motor Company. Here in the US they are huge, but back in Germany they are having a hard time against VW. This really annoys me, because everyone should know how much effort they are putting into making manufacturing cars as eco-friendly as possible.

Some facts:

  • Engines: Through a new technology in manufacturing engines, Ford is able to save 1 million liters of water per year in the Cologne engine production. This equals a decrease of 50%!
  • Water: From 2000-2012 Ford reduced its water consumption by 62%!
  • Ford usually builds up their manufacturing facilities close to waterways in order to make use of “car ships”, which of course can hold many more cars than a single truck.
  • Ford employs supplier parks to make use of just-in-time / just-in-sequence deliveries, decreasing the amount of transportation and packaging needed.

Before my first internship in the automotive industry, I had my doubts whether or not it was possible for this industry to be green. However, Ford has shown me that it is indeed possible and this is why I like this brand so much. Ford cares about the environment and instead of “just” developing more fuel efficient cars, they constantly strive to make the whole manufacturing process more sustainable.

You can help making this category more exhaustive by sharing your best / worst practices across industries! I would love to hear about them!

– Vic